Susan’s story

Posted by Mark Croucher
on January 30, 2017
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This is the story of my patient Susan.  She is a college professor who developed severe neck and arm pain with numbness and weakness into her arm. MRI scans showed a large bulging (herniated) disc in her neck and Susan was referred to the neurosurgeon.

The surgeon explained that he would remove the disc, fuse the vertebra and screw in a metal plate to stabilize her neck.  Susan was afraid to undergo the surgery, so instead her neurosurgeon referred her to our office to see if we could solve the problem.

When Susan and I first spoke she explained that she was desperate.  She said she was “a mess, both physically and emotionally”.  She was also terrified that I was going to “crack” her neck.  I explained that with our approach, that was not necessary.  The fact is many chiropractors use low force techniques and will work hard to apply treatments that are not only effective but very comfortable.  We work with these injuries every day.

I examined Susan, reviewed her MRI findings and we moved forward with a treatment plan to help her.

The Result

Susan began to feel improvement with every treatment.  After two weeks, she experienced 40% improvement. After eight weeks, 90% improvement and nearly complete use of her left arm.

Of her experience, Susan says: “I have never had a Doctor as careful about listening to me and explaining the diagnosis and how to treat it, as Dr. Croucher.  He did not sugar-coat anything.  He was conservative in his outlook and delivered incremental, perceivable results.”

At The Spine Center of Williamsburg, our doctors of chiropractic have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with chronic spinal pain, spinal stenosis, disc herniation and painfully degenerative spinal disorders.

If you have a painful spinal issue and would like to see if modern chiropractic can help, call The Spine Center of Williamsburg today.

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