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Brain aging

Posted by Mark Croucher
on February 1, 2017
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Are you worried about how your brain will age? You should be.

As we get older one of our main concerns is that our brain will deteriorate.  The good news is there are a lot of ways to improve the health of your brain.  Steps can be taken, but you’ve got to be proactive.  The human brain can shrink as we age.  There are a great deal of things that can make this problem worse. I’ll touch on that a little as this article goes on.

Eating a Mediterranean diet has been shown to help our brains as we age!  Generally, the diet consists of eating mostly plants and more fish instead of red meat.  Evidence shows that eating this way can lower inflammation in your brain and body and help the brain to last longer.  So, do most of your shopping at the produce section and avoid the middle of the grocery store.  Simple first step.

Another issue is controlling fluctuations in your blood sugar.  If your blood sugar is always out of whack, you have a better chance of damaging your brain.  That’s why a diet high in plants instead of baked goods is so helpful.  Eating tons of carbohydrate rich foods has a nasty effect on your blood sugar.  Especially if you don’t exercise daily.  So keep the pasta, baked goods, sweets and other high carb foods to a minimum.  Eat your veggies!

Studies show that some of the chemicals that are added to packaged foods can cause brain damage. They’re called excito-toxins.  The most common are the artificial sweeteners like nutrasweet, but there are many.  When these chemicals get into your brain they can cause the connections in the brain to break down, like burning a bridge.  That destroys brain tissue.  Do yourself a favor and eat whole foods.  Pre-prepared food and drinks are often loaded with junk.  You’d probably do yourself another favor if your veggies were organic.  Certain plants get a lot more pesticides sprayed on them so learn about that.  Keep it simple.

Chronic pain has also been shown to cause your brain to shrink.  If you’re dealing with ongoing pain you should try to address this issue in a healthy way instead of just adding more pain killers.   Chiropractic care, daily exercise, yoga and meditation are some easy and effective choices that may really help you.

Finally, you have to exercise!  It has the opposite effect that all those bad chemicals have on your brain. There is a great deal of evidence showing how exercise influences the good kind of chemical stimulation in the brain.  This can increase the nerve connections in your brain.  The process is called synaptogenesis and neuroplasticity. The ability of exercise to improve brain function might even represent an important non-pharmacological strategy to improve resilience to Alzheimer Disease.  Get moving every day!


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