Why take standing X-rays?

Posted by Mark Croucher
on January 27, 2016
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This is one good reason why we recommend standing X-rays instead of lying down.  First it should be pointed out that unless there is a red flag during the examination, we don’t immediately recommend X-rays of the spine prior to treatment.  Normally conservative treatment can ensue for a few weeks to see if our interventions are going to be helpful.  If expected improvement is not achieved then imaging may be necessary.  In those cases, to obtain a better understanding of posture and weight baring, we recommend standing films.

Report in Clinical Spine Surgery

Conclusions: Routine standing lateral radiographs should be standard practice to identify DS, as nearly 1/3 of cases will be missed on supine MRI. This may have implications on whether or not an arthrodesis is performed on those patients requiring lumbar decompression. Flexion-extension radiographs demonstrated no added value compared with standing lateral x-rays for the purposes of diagnosing DS.

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